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Alphabet launches Backstory from Chronicle

Alphabet’s Chronicle, the cybersecurity division that was spun out of X (formerly Google X), has just announced its first commercial product — a security data platform called Backstory.

Using Google’s vast infrastructure and analytics capabilities, Backstory gives security analysts the ability to parse potential threats from the avalanche of alerts, helping them more quickly pinpoint the real vulnerabilities. In a crowded U.S. market for cybersecurity vendors, there are few existing ways for security teams to knit all of the data from their different products in a unified system.

“Security professionals are in short supply and prefer to spend their time actually doing security work instead of managing the security data infrastructure,” said Jon Oltski, a senior principal analyst with technology research firm Enterprise Research Group. “This is creating a large opportunity for cloud vendors, who already own global cloud infrastructure that can handle the volumes of security information being generated today.”

Chronicle didn’t provide details on pricing, but CEO Stephen Gillett told CNBC that it will not be based on volume, a method of pricing that’s known to generate big, unexpected bills for customers. Chronicle said licenses will be based on the size of the company, “rather than the size of the customer’s data.”

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