Best companies to work for in Germany in 2019

Leading software business SAP has been crowned by Glassdoor as the best place for German employees to work during the next year — and it’s not just Germany that SAP is winning over.

In Glassdoor’s annual best place to work rankings, the German-based group has made an appearance in five of the lists published this week, including France and the U.K. Reviews on Glassdoor see employees praise the company for the company’s work benefits and positive atmosphere shown across staff levels.

In Glassdoor’s 25 ‘Best Employers‘ list for Germany, it’s not just tech firms hitting the spot – transportation, consultancy and retail groups are also popular among the workforce.

To compile, the recruiter examined the input that workers give when offering feedback, in addition to ratings, which range from 1 to 5. With more than 830,000 companies assessed on Glassdoor worldwide, the top 10 firms in this list surpassed the average rating of 3.4; with each group receiving a figure of at least 4.3.

Here’s the top 10 companies to work for in Germany:

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