Retailer Iceland Foods in coronavirus vaccine storage talks with UK Government

Retailer Iceland Foods is speaking with the UK Government over the storage of Covid-19 vaccines.

Pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna have this month reported hugely positive coronavirus vaccine results.

It has sparked hopes of a return to normality by the spring with a mass vaccination programme.

The UK has ordered five million doses of the Moderna vaccine by spring – and 40 million of the Pfizer jab, creating concerns over storage capacity.

Pfizer’s vaccine needs to be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius and Moderna’s at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

A scientist working on the Moderna coronavirus vaccine
(Image: PA)

Business Live can reveal frozen food retailer Iceland Foods, based in Deeside, is in talks with UK Government about how it can help in the vaccine storage effort.

Iceland is the UK’s leading frozen food specialist with 900 UK stores and major refrigerated storage depots and lorries to supply those sites.

They have a large cold store behind their head office at Deeside, which was reactivated as a regional distribution centre a few years ago.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the site last year during the General Election campaign.

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A spokesman for Iceland Foods told Business Live: “We can confirm that we are in contact with the Government about how we may be able to assist with the refrigerated storage of Covid vaccines.”

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