Retailers offer holiday help vacations, kayaks, ‘glamour’ bundles

Shipping and logistics companies UPS and FedEx push the potential for long-term career opportunities as the biggest incentives for seasonal workers.

Seasonal jobs at UPS can pay between $10.35 and $30 an hour, but its best perk for seasonal employees beyond pay is its track record for converting seasonal positions into year-round employment, UPS spokesman Glenn Zaccara told CNBC.

About 35 percent of its seasonal workforce is converted to a permanent employee, he said. “In fact, 128,000 UPSers, nearly one-third of our U.S. workforce, started working for the company in a seasonal role – including our Chairman and CEO, David Abney.”

FedEx spokesperson Katie Wassmer says its new Learning Inspired by FedEx (LiFE) program offers permanent workers at FedEx Express Memphis, Indianapolis and Oakland hubs full tuition reimbursement from the University of Memphis. Wassmer says the continuing education benefit is a “particularly encouraging part of our holiday hiring story this year”.

While Friday’s jobs report will give more insight into how seasonal hiring is going so far, it’s far from the whole picture.

In many cases, retailers and logistics companies started holiday hiring earlier than ever this year, and it’s not over yet. Starting dates and hiring deadlines for seasonal work vary based on a number of factors, including position, location and company.

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