Online Budget calculator: What does it mean for you?

There are always winners and losers from any budget statement, even in this extraordinary time. Clearly there’s a lot of attention being paid to support for the economy during the pandemic, to changes to company tax and the national debt, but for most of us there is one immediate question: how will it affect my finances?

With many intricate adjustments to rates, thresholds and allowances, the true impact of many of Rishi Sunak’s announcements on individuals can be tricky and more time-consuming to establish.

What seems like a giveaway could turn out to have a negative impact on people, once all the numbers have been crunched.

The online calculator below, created by accountants Blick Rothenberg, offers a quick reckoner as to how the latest raft of changes will affect you, broadly speaking.

Input a few details and it will offer an indication as to how much better or worse you will be following the chancellor’s announcements.

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