Here are the 10 cities where seniors are most prepared for retirement

Online personal finance portal SmartAsset and its SmartAdvisor Match service surveyed and compiled a list of the U.S.cities where seniors are most prepared for retirement. The company noted that Northwestern Mutual has found more than a fifth of Americans, overall, have nothing saved for their retirement, and that government analyses show that those families that do have retirement savings accounts have only $1,100 saved up on average. “But in some locales,” SmartAsset said, “retirees are bucking the trend and living a life full of the pleasures that come with careful retirement planning and financial security.”

SmartAsset looked at seven criteria: percent of seniors with retirement income, retirement income levels, food stamp reliance, poverty rate, home-ownership rate, the housing cost–burdened rate for seniors, and housing costs as a percent of retirement income.

Among SmartAsset’s findings: Arizona is home to three cities with seniors who are “financially well prepared for retirement.” The state is also a favorite destination for out-of-state retirees looking to make a move, perhaps accounting for its high retirement-preparedness scores, according to the company.

Large U.S. cities, meanwhile, scored poorly. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, where retirees may find housing costs and living expenses challenging, all landed in the bottom 10 of the SmartAsset ranking.

Here’s a look at the 10 cities where seniors are best prepared for their retirement:

Source: SmartAsset (Note: SmartAsset’s analysis also included percentage of senior-headed households with retirement income, housing costs as percentage of said income and percentage of said households using food stamps. These numbers do not appear here.)