Costco’s stock is OK to buy at these levels

Costco Wholesale Corp.: “I think you can buy a little Costco. It’s held up the best of any of these. I like Costco, I like Kohl’s and I like Walmart. I think those are all pretty good. I also like Target. So I think it fits the pattern of what I think is OK to buy.”
Puma Biotechnology, Inc.: “You know, I have historically liked this, but I’m not going to put a gun to my head. I want to see what they say [in the Thursday earnings report]. You know how often these things are really dictated by what they report, so to be so presumptuous is to be able to say what they’re going to say ahead of time. I can’t do that.”
Exact Sciences Corp.: “Good quarter. Better than expected. Still a big short position. I liked the numbers.”
XPO Logistics Inc.: “XPO reported after the close and one of their clients filed for bankruptcy and it looks like that’s going to bring the stock down $4. [CEO] Brad Jacobs is doing a good job. I think the weakness caused by this bankruptcy might be an opportunity to buy.”
Align Technology Inc.: “That was not a good quarter. This did surprise me. Finally the competition is coming up to them and there are other companies that want to be against Invisalign and they did not do the number and that was shocking to me.”

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