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Amazon will reportedly launch its own chain of supermarkets

The new stores would be smaller than the typical grocery store of about 60,000 square feet, according to the Journal, with Amazon seeking about 35,000 square feet of space.
Amazon is also interested in possible acquisitions to strengthen its supermarket strategy, according to the Journal. Regional grocery chains with around a dozen operating stores would be the ideal candidates for acquisition should Amazon choose to take that route, a source told the Journal.
Amazon initially made waves in the grocery industry when it announced in 2017 its plans to buy Whole Foods, a high-end retailer that prides itself on upscale produce. Now, it reportedly hopes to offer products at a more affordable price point with its new stores, which are not meant to compete with the Whole Foods brand directly.
The move marks another shift for Amazon from the digital to the physical world. The company has had retail locations previously through efforts such as its Amazon Go cashierless convenience stores.
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