Giving veterans a new start in cybersecurity

However, there are some differences between the military and corporate life.

“The big difference between the military and professional services, like PwC, is that we want to people to suggest ways to make things better. In the military you have to be careful to follow orders,” Burg said in a phone interview.

To help the new hires transition even after boot camp, PwC assigns battle buddies, a former veteran already working for the company who can provide advice and guidance. The firm also wants the new hires to stay for the long run, so they plan to continue to check in with the boot camp graduates to determine a career path.

The two-year mark is an important milestone for veterans because that’s when you are likely to get promoted or get antsy, according to Crace.

PwC plans to repeat the cybersecurity boot camp with future hires to continue to fill openings in its cybersecurity consulting practice.

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