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Innovative Digital Marketers Celebrate 8 years in Business

Midlands based marketing and web design agency Cocoonfxmedia Ltd are celebrating 8 years in business with double digit growth.

The firm started with just 10 clients in which they still work with one – Simon McNeilly who will be celebrating his 10th year in business. James Blackman met Simon in a sauna and have stayed friends ever since.

The first 2 years the company was in business, it was run by Managing Director James Blackman who was working part time on the solo project whilst doing full time work.

In the fourth year of business Glen Tapper joined and with his design background and the combined knowledge the company radically changed the way it did business.

In the company’s 7th year Cocoonfxmedia Ltd strengthened their services by taking on Hattie Anderson, a very focused and proactive asset. She originally approached the firm about a job that didn’t exist at the time. Within 2 weeks James and Glen saw the potential Hattie had to offer. By taking on Hattie she replaced 2 suppliers and radically changed the company’s marketing.  Hattie is now learning to code and not only proficient in Marketing but becoming an expert in Google AdWords/SEO.

In October the firm took on another expert, Gareth Walrond as Lead Developer. Gareth had been working with for Cocoonfxmedia for many years on projects but under mutual agreement Cocoonfxmedia took over Gareth’s clients. Gareth’s expertise has helped the firm develop their own CMS system, an ECommerce and currently working on other business solutions. Gareth has worked for some of the biggest agencies which strengthens the firms Web Development services.

Finally, Cocoonfxmedia will see at the start of their 8th year in business growth into the six-digit turnover. Year on year Cocoonfxmedia has enjoyed substantial but manageable growth by being proactive and innovative. The firm pride themselves in excellent customer care and business solutions.

Managing director James Blackman said, “Running a business is hard I will not kid you. I am so proud of our team particularly Glen Tapper who has helped bring stability and direction with a level headed innovative approach.

We have been exceptionally lucky to have an excellent innovative team. I have every confidence that with all our drive and passion we can make Cocoonfxmedia the leading agency in the Midlands and help organisations to embrace the Internet of things.”

Design Partner Glen Tapper said, “Cocoonfxmedia is always evolving. Innovation and design approach is central to everything we do, not only do we have a solid set of core products, but we are now consulting for companies on how to use their digital resources from a holistic view point”.

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