Anti-vax group called Alpha Men Assemble threatens to wage ‘war’ on governments

Trainers said they would take the fight to the police while some members pushed to ‘hit vaccine centres’

A group of anti-vaxxers is training with ex-military men to offer ‘unadulterated defiance’ in a ‘global war against governments’, it has been revealed.

A Daily Mail reporter infiltrated the organisation, called ‘Alpha Men Assemble’, to uncover the activists who want to ‘hit vaccine centres, schools, headteachers, colleges, councillors and directors of public health in every area’.

The group has more than 7,000 subscribers on Telegram and saw about 100 people show up to a training session on Saturday at Chase Water Country Park in Staffordshire.

There former Royal Fusilier Danny Glass, 46, and other instructors taught the mostly middle-aged white men how to break through police lines, and taught them marching formations.

Mr Glass told his recruits, who were there to be considered for Alpha Men Assemble’s ‘first task force’, to take a fight that is ‘not for the faint-hearted’ to ‘the Old Bill’ – a nickname for the police.

Another coach, named only as Gary, wore a green Royal Irish Regiment beret and told the men he had worked in military and counter-terrorism for 15 years.

He said: ‘It’s draining, mentally and physically, this war we are fighting. And it is a war.

‘It’s not a war that I was used to when I signed up to the military where you have two opposing sides. This is a war being waged on its people by its governments. This is a global war.’

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One of the ex-military trainers has insisted the group is ‘non-combative’
The group gathered at a park on Saturday morning to be considered for Alpha Men Assemble’s first task force

The men, and around 12 women, were split into groups to practise boxing drills ‘should it be needed’ and other types of fighting. Mr Glass had to step in to split up the men several times.

But Mr Glass later insisted to the Mail the training was ‘non-combative’ and insisted they were for ‘team-building and bonding’.

Throughout the session, a police car stayed at the entrance of the park with two officers venturing into the crowd every now and then – to alleged howls of abuse.

The activists reportedly stressed their gathering was lawful and peaceful while the officers could hear them. But after the cops had gone, Mr Glass huddled his recruits and told them: ‘Once we’ve got the numbers we’re going to take this to the police.’

The group was also warned about press and police infiltration, with promises to ‘deal with’ any moles.

One of the few women there, Sam Goody, who runs an events company in Birmingham said: ‘We need to hit the vaccine centres.

‘We need to hit the schools, headteachers, colleges, councillors, police, directors of public health in every area… none of us are going to take the f*****g jab and none of our families are.’

She later went on to say these comments were taken out of context and that she actually meant people should spread information about coronavirus vaccines.

Mr Glass had to step in several times to split up the men while they were practising their fighting
The group was taught boxing drills ‘should it be needed’

Alpha Men Assemble’s Telegram group chat states it does not condone violence or tolerate racism but messages suggest otherwise.

One member said: ‘Time for action. No more f*****g about. A message to the police… if you pepper spray us, smash us with your battens [sic], threaten us in any way we will defend ourselves, end of, just remember this: we outnumber you.’

The group was organised by a local man named Paul who claimed to have a list of ‘600 coppers that are criminal paedophiles, run their own brothels, and gather at masonic lodges’.

Alpha Men Assemble was only set up last month, but interest was increased since organisers ran a training session in Littlehampton, West Sussex, two weeks ago.

When Mr Glass was asked for comment, he stressed that his group was not linked to extremism and ‘will always remain lawful’.

He also rejected the term ‘anti-vaxxer’, saying he was instead fighting for ‘bodily autonomy’.

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