Asda superfan with trolley tattoo says she may get another of a shopping basket

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How much do you love your job? Enough to get a tattoo inspired by it?

That’s certainly the case for 19-year-old Leah Chandler, from Newcastle.

The Asda employee is determined to continue to share her love for the supermarket chain with the world.

Leah loves her job so much that she’s forked out for a permanent outline of an Asda trolley on her wrist – and now says she’s seriously considering getting another supermarket-themed inking.

Even her tattoo artist was slightly thrown by the initial request, the teenager said.

Leah said: ‘The tattoo idea started as a joke as everyone said I liked Asda so much I should get a tattoo to do with it, but no one thought I would do it. When I did they were all shocked and waiting for me to rub it off.

‘It only took 10 minutes to complete. When I showed my dad he was stunned and just laughed, my colleagues think it’s crazy and my boss said she can’t believe it.

‘I left school planning to go to university, but after working there through the summer holidays, I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want to leave.

Leah loves her job so much she wanted to remember it forever (Picture: @leahchandlerrr/Caters News)

‘I’ve only been working there for a year now, but I got the tattoo done in May.

‘The tattoo artist asked why I wanted it and I just said I love working at Asda. They didn’t believe me though!’

Leah first got a summer job at Asda when she finished her A-Levels, having some spare time before going on to start her studies at university.

However, she loved her job so much she withdrew her university application and continued to work at the store full-time.

And for Leah, the love of Asda is a family tradition.

She’s now planning to expand her supermarket-themed tattoo collection.

Leah can now proudly show her love of Asda (Picture: @leahchandlerrr/Caters News)

She added: ‘My dad also works in the same store – I work on groceries, and he works in the home and leisure section.

‘I have an Asda mini brand toy collection and I’ve been collecting them for a while, I would say I’m an Asda super fan, I always do shopping there too. I’ve loved it since I was young from my dad.

‘I get all sorts of comments on my TikTok videos, some love it and some think I’m crazy, but I love it, I think it’s cute, and I just wanted to do it.

‘I’d get more but I’m not sure what, maybe another trolley or a basket on the other wrist, who knows!

‘My goal is to try to be a section leader, at the minute I’m still a sales assistant but my dream is to move up the ranks.’

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