Beautician who survived killer ‘100mph’ crash ‘begged driver to slow down’

Zamarod Arif says being hurled around in the Range Rover in the crash that killed her friend was like being trapped in a tsunami (Picture: Reuters/Getty)

A young beautician has told from her hospital bed how she begged the driver who plunged her into a killer A40 crash to slow down.

Zamarod Arif, 26, survived the nightmarish smash when the Range Rover she was in ploughed through a wall, somersaulted and ended up crushed on the tracks of Park Royal railway station – killing her best friend.

Mother-of-one Yagmur Ozden, 33, who has a 12-year-old daughter, died in the west London horror when she was hurled from the back passenger seat as the 4×4 hurtled into a Tesla Centre charging centre.

Zamarod, who was in the front seat passenger and wore a seat belt, described being thrown around in the out of control Range Rover as ‘like being in a tsunami’.

Driver Rida Al Mousawi was also thrown from the car and ended up critically injured on the platform of Park Royal after speeding at up to 100mph on Monday morning.

Zamarod today told MailOnline: ‘I was in the car conscious all the time. I felt every tumble. I felt everything. I had watched the Tsunami movie (The Impossible) three days before with Yagmur and there was a girl being hit by the tsunami.

Zamarod before the smash left her in hospital with a shattered arm (Picture: LinkedIn)
Tragic Yagmur Ozden leaves behind a 12-year-old daughter (Picture: Instagram)

‘Water was hitting her left right and centre and it felt like that. It was the worst experience of my life.

‘I am so lucky to be alive.’

Zamarod – whose arm was shattered in the horror – and Yagmur were friends who worked together in the beauty business, and got a lift in the Range Rover with Rida when Yagmur’s car battery died.

Rida remains in a coma and police have been unable to conduct an interview.

Eye witnesses have claimed the super-charged car was travelling at more than 100mph.

Rida’s family claim a mechanical malfunction could have caused his car to speed out of control.

They say he did not drink or take drugs and was well aware of speed cameras on the road and would have no reason to be driving so fast.

The family of driver Rida Al Mousawi, who is in a coma, say he didn’t drink or do drugs, and think a mechanical fault may have caused his super-charged car to speed out of control
Rail workers pick through the wreckage in the crash aftermath (Picture: Victoria Jones/PA)
Police guard the scene of the high-speed smash (Picture: Maja Smiejkowska/Reuters)

Zamarod added: ‘I was conscious the whole time when the train ended up on the track.

‘I was in a lot of pain and just waited for ambulance people to come. Someone came to the car and said I should say a prayer as I was not going to survive. I could not move as my leg was trapped.

‘Yag was my best friend and my heart is just breaking. I know I am lucky to be alive and I hope Rida makes a full recovery. I am so sad, my heart is breaking.’

A terrified Uber driver has also revealed the moment he nearly died in the smash.

Nawaf Ali, 40, had parked his Tesla when the black Range Rover smashed through carpark railings, striking another Tesla inches from Nawaf’s before speeding behind the parking area and onto the railway tracks.

Nawaf said the moment was like ‘something out of a horror movie’, adding: ‘I could have died, and my kids would not have a father.’

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