#cantsleep memes flood internet after hottest night on record

Twitter was ablaze with early hours jokes about the temperature of people’s homes

As the country endured its hottest night on record, social media was ablaze with memes from people struggling to sleep.

Sweaty jokes, hot takes and the hashtag #cantsleep were doing the rounds as people found humour in their temporary insomnia.

Using an image of a nervous Ted Striker, ‘Medusa Cascade’ tweeted: ‘It’s currently 23°C outside at 4.20am.

‘Growing up in the North East of England I don’t think I encountered 23°C until I was 18 years old.

‘Also, it’s too hot to sleep.’

Jonathan Asiamah, meanwhile, posted a picture of a weary-looking Thomas the Tank Engine, captioning it: ‘Too hot to sleep, too hot to even stay awake. I swear, this heatwave is just unbearable.’

It comes as the Met Office confirmed that temperatures did not drop below 25°C in some areas overnight, ahead of what is expected to be the hottest ever day today.

The country was struggling to sleep (Picture: Twitter)
Insects were also an irritant
Frodo Baggins made a few appearances online
The Met Office said some areas did not drop below 25°C overnight
Weary social media users compared themselves to various hot and bothered characters (Picture: Jonathan Asiamah/Twitter)

The mercury is predicted to hit more than 40°C in some parts of the country later.

Ahead of the record-breaking heat, Holly Taylor posted a picture of a man with exceptionally dry skin amid a flurry of tweets in the early hours.

‘Me in my room at 4am trying to figure out why my fan is blowing out warm air #cantsleep’, she wrote.

Holly also tweeted a shot of an angry Homer Simpson in bed, adding: ‘Me watching the 7 moths dance around my room because it’s too hot to sleep #cantsleep’.

Countless Twitter users logged on in the early hours to poke fun at their predicament (Picture: Holly Taylor/Twitter)
Homer Simpson was among the characters to grace our feeds (Picture: Holly Taylor/Twitter)
We were all melting, even in Barbie’s world
People without fans were particularly unamused (Picture: Angela Bailey/Twitter)
A few of us wished we were in the fridge

An on fire Spongebob SquarePants, a melted Barbie and Frodo Baggins also made appearances online.

A picture of the Lord of the Rings hobbit at Mount Doom was accompanied by the caption: ‘I don’t wanna say it’s hot in my room… But two hobbits just came around and threw a ring in it.’

Overnight this evening is also set to be a hot, but the weather is expected to cool significantly tomorrow.

Brits have been advised to stay hydrated, wear loose clothing, stay indoors when possible and use sun cream outside.

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