Carnage as Range Rover rams BMW with two kids inside and smashes 10 cars

CCTV captures a Range Rover damaging several cars in east London

This is the moment a ‘stolen’ Range Rover caused carnage on a London street as it crashed into several parked cars.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the 4×4 ramming a BMW with two children inside on Benson Avenue in East Ham.

It shunts the car along the road before spinning sideways, smashing into at least two parked cars.

The driver continues to plough forward before suddenly shifting into reverse and hurtling backwards, smashing into two more cars parked at the side of the road.

The car is then used as a battering ram as the driver takes aim over and over again.

After finally shifting the BMW to the side, the Range Rover drives off at speed leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Some people were seen trying to flee the scene to the sound of panic and car alarms.

Others rushed from their homes to check on the commotion and help the BMW driver.

It was believed 13 cars – 12 of them parked – were totalled altogether, but the Metropolitan Police confirmed only 10 were damaged.

Further video taken by a witness showed the scale of damage on the road.

Locals say the Range Rover had been stolen moments before the shocking scenes.

Police were called to the incident at around 6.50pm on Sunday, with officers confirming the man and two children were unhurt.

CCTV shows the Range Rover reversing only to ram into the BMW again

The Met said: ‘Police were called to Benson Avenue, E6, at 16.46pm on Sunday to reports of a Range Rover car colliding with a number of other parked vehicles.

‘Officers attended. A group of at least 10 vehicles were found to be damaged and it was reported that one vehicle, containing a man and two children, had been pushed onto a footpath.

‘The Range Rover had been reported stolen from Melford Road, E6, a short time before the collisions.

‘The driver left the vehicle and got into a another vehicle before police arrived. There have been no arrests. Enquiries are ongoing.’

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