Girl, 11, in tears after ‘cruel’ adults laugh at her for wearing suit to prom

Mischa Parker’s mum Tamara has told people ‘don’t be torn down for standing out’ (Picture: Tamara Auty/SWNS)

A young girl’s confidence took a major blow when adults chaperoning her school prom ‘mocked her for wearing a suit’.

Mischa Parker, 11, left the event crying after ‘cruel’ parents allegedly sniggered at her and called her ‘suit girl’ every time she walked past.

Her mum, Tamara Auty, 33, has slammed the ‘disgusting’ behaviour, saying she expected better.

She said: ‘I work with people in crisis, I see people who are affected by bullying and I just think it’s disgusting, especially with adults who know better. You expect it to be more the kids.

‘If she had gone to prom in a dress she would’ve been uncomfortable, why should she not be happy?

‘I think she’s brave for being who she is. Be who you are and celebrate who you are, don’t be torn down for standing out.’

Mischa, from Morley, Leeds, had gone shopping before the event on Friday to find an outfit that was right for her.

Support worker Tamara said: ‘She did end up going into the boys’ section and got a dickie bow as they suited her a bit more.

‘She’d known if she was going to any function she’d be wearing a suit. She looked absolutely amazing and stylish.’

She added that her daughter ‘had been knocked down recently confidence-wise so it was quite a big thing for her to wear the suit’.

The young girl looked fabulous in her suit and bow tie (Picture: Tamara Auty/SWNS)
Mischa with mum Tamara and brother Tom at the beach last year (Picture: Tamara Auty/SWNS)

Mischa was already ‘a little bit nervous’ as she donned a smart black dinner jacket with matching trousers and bow tie for the big night at Fountain Primary School.

But there was seemingly no need to be as her friends showered her with compliments, telling her she looked ‘gorgeous’.

She told her mum she could leave – but Tamara got a distressing text from Mischa just hours later asking her to pick her up.

Tamara said: ‘Mischa normally not very cuddly, doesn’t really show emotion, doesn’t really get upset easily. She’s just quite a strong character.

‘When I got to prom I cuddled her and she just burst into tears and said “I need to get out of here”.’

It was only when the mother and daughter got home that Mischa finally revealed what had happened.

Tamara said: ‘Every time she was walking past these parents she could hear them commenting and laughing.

‘She said “do you think I should change my fashion?” as she normally wears more boys gendered clothing like hoodies and baggy trousers. I said “no, you be who you are”.’

The mum-of-two has named the incident ‘an attack on my daughter’s individuality’.

She said: ‘I work in mental health myself I just think it was really disgusting.

‘When I was 11 I had no idea who I was, but Mischa has always known who she is and what she likes.’ has contacted Fountain Primary School for comment.

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