Harveys Furniture ruined my Christmas

USNewsRank helps a reader who had Christmas ruined by a missing sofa.

Our reader, LN of London, ordered a Louise Redknapp designed sofa set in September from Harveys Furniture. You would have thought that would have been plenty of time for her new furniture to be in situ by Christmas, but you’d have been sadly wrong.

LN reports: “The order was delayed, not once but three times.We eventually received our order on 27 November – 11 weeks later.”

That was hugely inconvenient and annoying, but at least the order arrived. But that wasn’t the end of her problems.

LN explains: “The footstool came damaged – and the large sofa didn’t fit in our flat.”

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She arranged for the large sofa to be taken away and dismantled so it could be redelivered in parts and assembled in the flat. The delivery never came and then things got even worse.

“After endless chasing I was told the sofa was also now damaged. We were then told that we won’t receive our sofa and footstool until the new year.”

Bear in mind that the original order was back in September, and you can understand her growing anger at the firm.

“The sofa had no cushions, so we ended up with nowhere to sit over the holidays”

LN continues: “My original sofa has now apparently been disposed of, but no one can explain to me what exactly has happened.”

Harveys arranged for a loan sofa to be sent to be used over the Christmas period but even that was messed up.

“The sofa came but there were no seat cushions, so it was sent back. I don’t know how incompetent you can be, to load a sofa without any seat cushions?” LN asks, reasonably. “With no sofa to sit on, Christmas is off,” she told me.

I approached Harveys to ask for an explanation for the sorry tale.

It said: “At Harveys, we take customer service very seriously. We were very sorry to hear about the delays with LN’s order, and we have been working with her to arrange a new date for delivery of her sofa and footstool, providing an alternative solution in the meantime. With all customer concerns, we follow clear processes to evaluate the matter and try to reach an agreeable resolution. We have offered financial compensation to LN and we are awaiting her response.”

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LN responded: “Harveys said that it will be able to compensate us £500, which will be sent on to the finance company to be reduced from our remaining balance. It is not clear whether we will receive any compensation should we decide to cancel the whole order, which is something that I am very close to doing.”

I don’t blame LN for her anger. Harveys has failed her time and time again.

When I tried to contact the company through social media, several other disgruntled customers got in touch with similar complaints.

CB said: “I am outraged at the lack of customer support, false advertisement and just sheer lack of care for their customers. They’re very happy to take your money and after that they care less. They have ruined our first Christmas in our first house.”

KH said: “Louise Redknapp designed sofa and chair was ordered in October, I was promised (twice) it would arrive before Christmas. They are now saying 7 January. We have no sofa for Christmas.”

I’ll be contacting Harveys to try to help the other victims.



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