Security expert says MPs should wear bullet and stab proof vests

SAS-trained bodyguard Graham Yuill said he would ideally like to see all political figures get bodyguards (Pictures: SWNS/Sky News/Rex features)

MPs are ‘sitting ducks’ who should wear bullet-and-stab-proof vests and have panic buttons installed, a former specialist bodyguard has said.

Conservative MP Sir David Amess was murdered in what is believed to be a terror attack last Friday.

Since then, home secretary Priti Patel has been reviewing the security provided to MPs while looking at options to make them safer and prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Graham Yuill, 63, served in the Royal Military Police as a specialist bodyguard for nine years.

He worked as an SAS-trained personal bodyguard to a senior officer in the Ulster Defence Regiment.

He said: ‘The bulletproof stab vest can stop most handguns and knives. They protect the areas around the vital organs, and they’re quite thin so you couldn’t know.

‘We need to remember that next time, it might not be at a surgery – the next target could be at home, or driving, or playing sports.

‘Their houses need bulletproof glass, panic buttons, radio transmitters.’

Mr Yuill served in the Royal Military Police as a specialist bodyguard for nine years (Picture: SWNS)
Suspect Ali Harbi Ali is still being held and questioned by police (Picture: Sky News)
Sir David Amess was an MP for Southend West (Picture: Rex Features)

But if Mr Yuill could have it his way, he would give all political figures 24-hour military-trained bodyguards.

He believes Sir David would still be alive if this system was in place already.

Mr Yuill said: ‘A trained bodyguard is aware of everything – dogs barking, an unusual smell, someone lingering for too long or passing twice.

‘MPs should be safe going out to meet their constituents, so we need to get the right people for the job.

‘We need to look at the bigger picture – you don’t get a second chance to get it right when someone is attacked.’

Ms Patel has said she is looking at stationing police officers outside the entrances to MPs’ surgeries in the future.

Other measures could include scanning all participants for weapons, if police deemed it necessary.

Suspect Ali Harbi Ali, 25, is still being held by terror police. It’s believed he was referred to the Government’s anti-terror ‘prevent’ programme several years ago but was not deemed to be enough of a threat to be referred to MI5.

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