Urgent search for missing young musician last seen at nightclub

Harvey Parker was last seen at Heaven, central London, in the early hours of Friday (Picture: @LambethMPS/Twitter)

Family and friends are desperately searching for a ‘phenomenal’ musician who vanished on a night out in London three days ago.

Harvey Parker, 20, was was last seen in Heaven nightclub, in Charing Cross, in the early hours of Friday, December 17.

They had been out with family, and then to a Lil Simz concert at O2 Academy in Brixton, before moving on to the famous LGBT+ club.

The University of York student’s mum, Amanda Parker, is desperate to speak to anyone who was with them that night and spoke to them about their plans.

As Harvey is autistic, she says they can often misread certain social situations, which could make them particularly vulnerable.

The music student’s phone has been unresponsive since going missing and they have not posted anything on social media.

Amanda told usnewsrank.com: ‘Just before we went to bed Harvey came back and was really upbeat and very positive about the concert and had a good time.’

Harvey is autistic and has been described as ‘vulnerable’ in certain social situations (Picture: Family handout)

She says Harvey got changed at their home in Waterloo, central London, before heading back out.

When they didn’t come back on Friday morning, she assumed Harvey had gone to work at the Theatre Royal Stratford East.

But when they didn’t come back in the evening, she started worrying and called the theatre, who said the assistant had missed two shifts.

Amanda says that is ‘unheard of’ and that Harvey ‘will definitely make it to work’ even after a night out.

She added: ‘We alerted the police, we went down to Heaven to see if anyone knew or heard anything to really get the ball rolling.

Amanda says club staff were ‘really helpful’ and that while door staff remember them coming in, they couldn’t recall what time they left.

Harvey’s parents say security staff at Heaven were ‘really helpful’ and remember them coming into the club (Picture: Getty Images)

‘We’ve gone to hospitals with his pictures, we’ve phoned every big A&E in London, I’m just beyond words to be honest, I really am,’ she added.

Amanda says she is desparate to hear from anyone who was actually with Harvey and spoke to them at the club, or asked what their plans were afterwards.

Harvey hasn’t shared anything on social media since going missing, despite usually being on it ‘minute by minute’, Amanda said.

She says she ‘can’t think of any reason’ why Harvey would go missing, describing them as ‘really upbeat’.

‘Harvey’s very musically accomplished and very academically gifted and really confident,’ Amanda added.

Harvey has been described as a ‘phenomenal’ musician who loves going out (Picture: @LambethMPS/Twitter)

‘The flute is Harvey’s first instrument, along with the oboe, piano and organ. Harvey’s a phenomenal musician. Harvey is very engaging, has lots of friends and is quirky.

‘At the same time Harvey’s very vulnerable and can misread a situation and get overwhelmed.

‘Harvey can’t necessarily read social situations and is outgoing – and that’s when autism really comes into play, because what to do next would be a real challenge.’

The student’s step-dad Michael Armstrong, described them as ‘fun’, ‘talkative’ and ‘confident’ about what they wear and do.

At the same time, he says Harvey is sensible and is not the sort of person who would be easily led by friends into doing something risky.

As well as the Theatre Royal Stratford East, Harvey also works for the English Folk Society.

Harvey’s mum and step-dad say Harvey often wears ‘flamboyant’ female clothes.

They aren’t 100% sure, but the pair say they could have been wearing a crop top and skirt on Thursday night.

Harvey has been described as 5’9 tall, mixed race, with a slim build a shirt black hair.

Loved ones have urged the public to look out for Harvey, particularly those in South London, West London, Lee Green, Lewisham, Soho and the West End.

A friend told usnewsrank.com: ‘The main thing that comes to mind when you think about Harvey is that deep connection you have with them.

‘It’s really unlike any sort of generic friendship you’d have with someone else.’

Harvey’s mum is keen to speak to anyone who was with them at Heaven that night (Picture: @LambethMPS/Twitter)

He added that he’d had a chance to reconnect with Harvey over the summer when clubs started opening again, and said Heaven was a ‘regular haunt’ of theirs.

‘I also saw them for a 21st birthday party in the first two weeks of November.

‘Time elapses but your friendship with Harvey still stays the same,’ the friend added.

One post on Twitter read: ‘He’s missed 3 work shifts and not on socials since 1.30am on Friday – unheard of – and not in touch with any friends. His family has visited all London hospitals and informed police.’

Another person wrote: ‘MY FRIEND IS MISSING. Harvey has been missing since Thursday evening.

‘They went to a concert in Brixton before going to Heaven nightclub near Embankment and leaving there at 4am.’

The Metropolitan Police have asked anyone with information to contact 101 quoting reference number 21MIS039522.

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