Woman suggests not shaving your legs to save money and stay warm

Sharon Munro, 38, thinks leaving things au naturel kept her warmer (Picture: SWNS)

Energy bills are set to soar through the roof this winter, and there have been all kinds of tips published about how people can keep the costs down.

Some have been quite useful, such as how to change the settings on your boiler without actually being colder.

Other tips are, let’s say, less helpful.

Such as the suggestion that women could stop shaving their legs to ‘save money and keep warm’.

Sharon Munro, 38, stopped shaving her legs back in October 2021 and let the hair grow for six months.

She was shocked to see how much hair had grown by April 2022 – and says her experience has convinced her that it might help during a cold snap.

While her hairy legs kept her ‘cozy’ and ‘warm’ during the cold winter months, she was forced to give them a shave when the hot weather set in for the spring and summer.

Sharon, who runs a cleaning company and is from Harwich in Essex, said: ‘I was just lazy and couldn’t be bothered to shave them, but it might be a good way to save money this winter.

Sharon’s hairy legs kept her ‘cozy’ and ‘warm’ during the winter months (Picture: Sharon Munro/SWNS)
Sharon didn’t shave her legs because of ‘laziness’ at first (picture: Sharon Munro/SWNS)
Sharon’s legs felt ‘smooth’ once they had been shaved (Picture: Sharon Munro/SWNS)

‘Surprisingly it was quite cosy. It was definitely an extra layer of warmth.’

Her comments come amid fears for people over the winter months as the energy price cap for average bills is set to rise to £3,549 on October 1, pushing millions into fuel poverty.

Clearly, leaving leg hair to grow naturally is not going to make much of a dent in these huge bills, but you might save a pound or two on razors if nothing else.

‘I let my leg hair grow for so long it looked like a man’s leg,’ Sharon said.

‘People didn’t believe they were mine and I had to prove it against a male friend’s leg to show it was real.

‘It was quite impressive how hairy they got.

Sharon remembered the feeling when she finally got around to saving the hairs on her legs in April.

‘They were so smooth, and it felt strange feeling the air on my legs again,’ she said.

‘Even water trickling down my leg felt really strange after they’d been protected by so much hair.

‘I do think having hairy legs helps with keeping you warmer.

‘You have to grow them out for a long time though to get the hair long.’

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