‘Active gunman’ at Air Force base turns out to be a training drill

Reports of an active shooter at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida drew a police response (Picture: 325th Fighter Wing Public Affair)

An active shooter drill was mistaken for an actual shooter at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida on Tuesday morning, causing police to rush to the site.

The officers arrived at the military base in Panama City just before 10.30am local time, NEWS 13 reported.

Audio of a 911 call revealed a dispatcher saying, ‘This is not a test’, repeatedly. The audio was shared on social media.

Shortly after, Tyndall Air Force Base spokesman Scott Johnson said there was a confusion after police did not know it was a practice drill, according to the Daily Mail.

‘This morning Tyndall AFB was conducting an active shooter exercise,’ Air Force officials then tweeted. ‘These exercises are conducted regularly to test our response to ongoing threats.’

The officials added that a real 911 call was made from an adjacent building that led police to go to the base.

‘Local enforcement and first responders also responded. First responders have cleared the building, ensured there was no threat, and the all clear was issued,’ officials said. ‘We have resumed normal operations at this time.’

No injuries were reported, even in the initial call.

About 3,000 people live at the base.

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