Anti-mask restaurant will only serve customers with proof of being unvaccinated

Basilico’s Pasta E Vino in Huntington Beach, California, posted a new sign requiring customers to show proof of being unvaccinated (Pictures: Orange County Register)

While some businesses are asking customers to show their vaccine cards, one restaurant is doing the opposite – requiring diners to show proof that they are unvaccinated. Basilico’s Pasta E Vino in Huntington Beach, California, which previously made headlines for being anti-mask, recently posted a new sign on its window.

‘Notice: Proof of being unvaccinated required,’ the sign reads. ‘We have zero tolerance for treasonous, anti-American stupidity. Thank you for pondering.’

It is the latest act of defiance by the Italian restaurant that launched an anti-mask campaign in May 2020, according to the Orange County Register.

In social media post exactly a year ago, Basilico’s Paste E Vino wrote: ‘So to be clear, if you enter the restaurant for dine in, and want to wear a mask, you must remove it when sitting down. If you are standing around inside and waiting for a table, or waiting inside to pick up food for yourself or as a third party delivery driver, and you are wearing a mask, you will be asked to wait outside.’

The California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control cited ‘disorderly premises’ at the restaurant due to its anti-mask policy and threatened its liquor license.

Basilico’s still has its liquor license but spokesperson for the department told the Register that ‘the case is pending, and the department is unable to comment on pending litigation’.

On Monday, the restaurant made clear in a Facebook post that it is not backing down.

‘We feel blessed to go into battle against all of you in defense of American liberty and freedom, so bring it on!’ the post read.

Basilico’s shared on Instagram that the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health fined it $152,060 on June 17. The restaurant hit back on July 10 by posting the names of phone numbers of inspectors and administrators for supporters to call and oppose the fine.

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