Boy, 4, found dead in his toy box after grandmother reported him missing

Kache Wallis, 4, was found dead in a toy chest in his bedroom after his grandmother reported him missing (Picture: Hurricane Police Department)

A four-year-old boy was found dead in a toy box hours after a family member reported him missing. Kache Wallis was not to be found in his bed on Sunday, where family members had tucked him in the previous night.

Authorities conducted a second search hours later and found Kache dead in his bedroom in the Utah home. He was ‘hidden’, according to initial police reports.

Both of Kache’s parents were home at the time that he vanished.

Officers thought Kache might be with a non-custodial parent and ‘were able to get in contact with her, and to verify that she did not have any contact with the child’, Hurricane police Officer Dan Raddatz told KTVX.

Cops at first did not comment on the suspected cause of death.

‘Based on the situation surrounding where he was located, we can’t make a definitive determination of accident or otherwise this point in time, we’re waiting on information from the Medical Examiner’s Office before we make that determination,’ Raddatz told the TV station.

The medical examiner later ruled the cause of death to be positional asphyxiation, according to KTVX.

Kache was found inside of a toy box. Investigators said they were looking into all possible instances in the boy’s death, but are now considering it an accident.

His grandmother was the family member who reported that he disappeared, according to a press release obtained by the TV station.

‘The grandmother of Kache reported that he had been put to bed the night before and when he was checked on in the morning, he was not in bed and could not be found in or around the house,’ Hurricane Police stated in the release.

‘Our sincerest condolences are sent to Kache and his family.’

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