Metal panel flies off Alaska Airlines plane mid-flight

(NewsNation) — An Alaska Airlines flight on its way to San Diego had to make an emergency landing in Seattle after metal paneling flew off one of the plane’s engines mid-flight.

Newly released pictures from a passenger aboard the flight shows the terrifying moment the metal panel ripped off the Boeing 737.

During the flight, passengers and crew reported experiencing unusual vibrations shortly after the flight took off from Seattle. The plane didn’t get far before turning around and making the emergency landing back on the tarmac.

The aircraft has been taken out of service and is under investigation.

None of the 176 passengers and six crew members on the flight were injured.

Alaska Airlines released a statement praising the two pilots who were flying the aircraft:

“The two pilots who operated the flight have more than 32 years of combined flying experience,” the statement said. “They, along with our flight attendants, handled the incident with tremendous professionalism and care.”