Moment a herd of deer swim across a lake in Alabama

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A herd of four deer were spotted in a highly unusual place – taking a dip in a lake during a clear day in Alabama over the weekend.

Two adult dose and two of their babies were spotted while out for a swim by Kevin Schambeau, 51, who was busy enjoying his day on Smith Lake with his friend Devin Windom, 31.

The two friends spotted the creatures just before noon on Saturday and were quick to take a video of the Disney movie-type scene. The video shows the herd of woodland animals out of their natural habitat – enjoying a swim like a golden retriever might.

Schambeau, who is a dentist from Hoover, Alabama, said he couldn’t believe they witnessed the deer, with their heads poking out above the water, swimming towards them.

A herd of four deer were spotted in an unusual spot over the weekend swimming in an Alabama lake (Picture: Kevin Schambeau/SWNS)

‘It was so cool to witness that in person,’ he said. ‘I had seen a solo deer swim before, but never four together.’

The group of deer was spotted making their way across Smith Lake, which is a reservoir at the bottom of a canyon in north central Alabama, about 20 miles northeast of Birmingham. The beautiful lake contains about 500 miles of shoreline.

Schambeau said he believed the group of deer were out in search of something to eat – something better than the food available to them from where they came from.

‘I think they were two females with both their fawns,’ Schambeau said. ‘My best guess they swam across the lake hoping to find a better food source.’

A deer’s outer coat has hollow hair that makes them buoyant. The animals are therefore able to have about a third of their body out the water while swimming, according to Newsflare, the source of the video.

Deer can also reach up to 15mph in water without exerting much effort, but will only do so in the pursuit of food or safety.

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