Woman’s body covered in burns after she jumped into geyser to save puppy

Laiha Slayton, who jumped into a hot spring to save her puppy, is in a medically induced coma (Pictures: Getty Images/Laihla Slayton family/Kamilla Slayton Instagram)

A woman has been in a coma for a week after jumping into near-boiling water to rescue her dog.

Laiha Slayton, 20, suffered burns to over 90% of her body when she jumped into the 200°F (93°C) geyser in Yellowstone National Park.

Her puppy, Rusty, jumped into Maiden’s Grave Spring on October 4 while visiting with her dad Woodrow, 48.

Rusty ran from the car when they arrived at the park and jumped straight into the spring – he died from his injuries.

Laiha Slayton suffered significant thermal burns between her shoulders and feet after jumping into a hot spring (Picture: Laiha Slayton family)

Woodrow helped Laiha out of the water and she was treated by park rangers and a local fire service.

She was then transported by helicopter to the burn center at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

Laiha was identified through a GoFundMe campaign set up by her sister Kamilla, who has been providing updates via social media on her sister’s condition.

If all continues to go well in her recovery, Laiha will likely be in the coma for two to three weeks.

Recovery will also be a slow process as she goes through surgeries to remove the dead skin and replace it with donor cadaver skin until the hospital grows more compatible skin for her, her sister wrote on the GoFundMe page.

The Mainden’s Grave Spring by the Firehole River on the Fountain Flats Drive in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is where Laiha Slayton burned 91% of her body trying to rescue her puppy from the hot spring (Picture: Getty Images)

Still, Laiha is ‘doing better day by day’, her sister said.

Laiha had been pulled from the geyser by her father, who burned his foot in the process.

According to the GoFundMe, her burns ‘seem to be better than they had initially thought’, Kami wrote, adding that there were more second degree burns than third.

‘This means that our dad pulled her out insanely fast. She’s incredibly lucky. Dad saved her life,’ she wrote.

After entering the hot spring to save her puppy Rusty, Laiha Slayton was pulled out by her father, who also sustained burns to his left foot (Picture: Laiha Slayton family)

In an Instagram post, Kamilla said that her father acted on ‘instinct and adrenaline’ to save her sister’s life, and had to watch her being airlifted away alone on a helicopter.

In the post she detailed how their father immediately took the dog to the vet, despite having injuries of his own, because he knew ‘how close Laiha holds those damn dogs to her heart, and he wasn’t able to see her because of all the work they were doing for her’.

In an Instagram post, Laiha Slayton’s sister Kamilla shared a snap of her parents and wrote how her father acted on instinct to save her sister (Picture: Instagram)

‘When Rusty passed away, knowing that Laiha made this sacrifice and is walking out empty handed really has broken his heart, and she doesn’t even know yet. He’s holding that to his heart every day and that’s hard,’ she wrote.

As of Monday afternoon, the GoFundMe had raised more than $58,000 out of its $200,000 goal for the Washington family. Yellowstone National Park officials have also spread the story, mostly as a warning to visitors to be wary and stay away from the hot springs.

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