Four Seasons restaurant has new space, ‘but the feeling is the same’

For nearly 60 years the Four Seasons catered to the elite and power-brokers like Henry Kissinger, Martha Stewart, Wilbur Ross and George Clooney. But in 2016, the iconic haunt closed its doors after a battle with the landlord.

On Wednesday, the restaurant is expected to open at its new setting on East 49th Street, just a few blocks away from the old location in the Seagram Building. However, the path to this point wasn’t an easy one; it was plagued with delays, controversy and an escalating budget.

In the end, the new space cost more than $30 million. “Finally,” said Von Bidder of the reopening. “It’s been a long, arduous time and we miss the customers and we miss the employees.”

Regular patrons also got into the game, paying between $250,000 and $1 million to invest in the restaurant.

Co-owner Julian Niccolini said he’s not worried about recovering the costs, saying the most important thing is that the customer is well cared for.

In fact, he said that is the secret to the restaurant’s success.