Russian war reporter says Putin ‘will soon have no way back’ and ‘unleash nukes’

Alexander Sladkov advocated atomic bombing to cause ‘a crater the size of several regions (Picture: AFP/Rex)

A top Russian war reporter has claimed Vladimir Putin will soon have ‘no way back’ but to unleash nuclear weapons on Ukraine.

Alexander Sladkov advocated atomic bombing to cause ‘a crater the size of several regions’.

He is the latest Kremlin mouthpiece to make the chilling prediction, after one state TV channel simulated nuking Europe in 200 seconds with no survivors and another top broadcaster said nuclear war is ‘probable’ and we will all ‘die someday’.

Sladkov claimed Russia’s so-called ‘military campaign’ in Ukraine was to ‘liberate’ it from the control of supposed ‘neo-Nazis’.

But he said the time may be approaching for the ‘last resort’ due to some 40 countries arming Ukraine with weapons which are being used against the Russians.

‘There is more and more talk about nuclear weapons, and Russia has much to say about it,’ he posted.

‘We have a solution for Ukraine.

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‘There are several, yet we are getting reminded about the last resort – nuclear weapons.

‘If no-one is going to hear us, and 40 countries keep helping the Ukrainian neoNazis, we will have no way back.’

Sladkov then referenced the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during World War Two, warning: ‘Everything is possible, and this is what the Americans teach us.’

He suggested Putin would soon have ‘no choice’ but to unleash a weapon capable of similar destruction in order to stop Nato interfering the the war.

He said: ‘The Americans used nuclear weapons in Japan, in a demonstrative way.

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‘So us, Russians, will have to demonstratively do it in Ukraine to remove the issue with further confrontation with those known 40 countries.

‘A crater the size of several regions will be a clear example of how serious is Russia’s appeal to Nato to get back to peace and harmony.

‘But where will Ukraine go?

‘Exactly where it’s heading right now, with the only difference that it’ll be fast, and cheaper for Russia.

‘The Europeans and Americans can’t quite get it that one must not harass a neighbouring country with such a giant nuclear potential.

‘Thinking about it, I remember just how easily the US used nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and how easily they nearly deployed them at Dien Bien Phu in 1954.’

Kremlin-controlled TV presenters have repeatedly threatened the possibility of nuclear war, including launching missiles capable of obliterating the UK.

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On Sunday, Dmitry Kieselyov, a key propagandist for Putin, said an attack on the UK using a Poseidon underwater drone could be a possible course of action for Russia.

He said the weapon would trigger a radioactive 500m-high tsunami that would plunge Britain ‘to the depths of the ocean’.

Retired army officer and security analyst, Tom Clonan, said these ‘horrific’ threats show just how ‘disinhibited’ Putin’s cronies feel – but dismissed the possibility of the Russian president following through.

He told Newstalk Breakfast: ‘I know there will be many people listening to this who will be very frightened by this, or it may provoke fear and unease, but the chances of this happening are extremely small.

‘This is propaganda.’

Putin has repeatedly used Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces to threaten the West in recent months.

However, experts largely see this as a signal to Nato to persuade it not to intervene in Ukraine, rather than a sign Putin is planning nuclear war.

Robert Fox, Defence Editor of the London Evening Standard, pointed out that the West could wipe out the Russian cities of Moscow and St Petersburg in less than two minutes if Putin launched a nuclear attack.

He told LBC on Monday: ‘Nuclear blackmail is a very, very difficult game and I think the Russian generals know that.

‘Anyone sensible in Putin’s military knows that because there are no winners there.

‘Were he to use it, god help us. But St Petersburg and Moscow would be wiped out within 90 seconds!

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