Shark killed second tourist 650ft from first fatal attack on pensioner

The second woman’s lifeless body was found on a reef (Picture: Social media/e2w)

A second woman was killed in a horrific shark attack at a popular holiday resort in Egypt, it has emerged.

Disturbing footage earlier showed an Austrian pensioner, 68, desperately swimming back to a pier after her arm and leg were bitten off. 

She reportedly later died from nervous shock in an ambulance in Sahl Hasheesh, south of Hurghada.

Now, authorities have announced that another tourist was killed around the same time, just 650ft from the other fatal attack in the Red Sea.

Her body was pulled out of the water after being discovered on a reef, eyewitnesses said.

She remains unidentified but it’s believed she was staying at the Premiere Le Reve five star hotel.

The beach was deserted and nearby swimming banned following the shark attacks, which are rare in the area.

Hundreds of tourists had watched in horror as the first woman, from Kramsach, was brutally targeted as she went snorkelling.

Footage released earlier showed sea water turned red from blood (Picture: Social media/east2west news)
Men on the pier threw a flotation device to the first woman to try and save her (Picture: Social media/east2west news)

It’s believed she was killed by an endangered mako shark, which can swim at up to 46mph.

She had tried to fight off the animal ‘with her hands’, according to one onlooker.

A Russian man, who caught the aftermath on camera, said he saw the shark ‘turning and twisting the woman in the water’.

‘Apparently the shark bit off her leg with a flipper first, then her hand, which it threw it on the corals’, he said.

‘She was already sitting on the corals, showing her hand [and] leg. She was in [a state of] shock. She didn’t even scream, didn’t cry, nothing.’

She had reportedly been enjoying the beach with her Egyptian partner after flying out on holiday on June 2.

An expert group is currently investigating the two incidents, The Ministry of Environment in Egypt announced today.

‘We ask Russian citizens to remain vigilant when in the water, and strictly follow the bans imposed by the Egyptian authorities on swimming, diving and fishing on the high seas and off the coast’, tourists were told by their consulate-general in Hurghada.

They were told to ‘strictly observe the signals from hotel employees and the coast guards’.

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