What this man found crawling next to him in bed is pure nightmare fuel

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It may look like something out a nightmare, but this terrifying creature is very much real.

Jesse Pye, 35, had just woken up for work when he realised something was amiss.

As his eyes groggily opened, he spotted what seemed to be a ‘creature from hell’ in bed with him.

Jesse whipped out his camera to get stomach-churning footage of the insect as it scuttled across his sheets.

‘It was 7.30 am and I was waking up to get ready for work,’ he said.

‘I saw something black that looked like a snake or a giant worm, I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew it wasn’t good!

‘My immediate reaction was to move slowly and grab my glasses and phone.

‘I started to film it because I couldn’t believe what I saw.’

Jesse noticed something gruesome had crawled into bed next to him (Picture: Jesse Pye/Pen News)
The 35-year-old had no idea what the giant ‘creature from hell’ could be (Picture: Jesse Pye/Pen News)

‘It was then that he saw the long body, bristling with dozens of legs.

‘I knew it was a centipede but wasn’t sure what type,’ said the software engineer.

‘I wasn’t sure if it was venomous.

‘I’ve never seen a centipede this big.’

Jesse, who had been staying with a friend in San Antonio, Texas, took to the internet to try find an answer as to what the terrifying insect was.

He posted his footage and realised his ‘creature from hell’ was in fact a giant redheaded centipede.

The strange crature emerged to be a giant redheaded centipede (Picture: Jesse Pye/Pen News)
The many-legged insect had settled under Jesse’s covers (Picture: Jesse Pye/Pen News)

Its venom typically causes sharp, searing pain around the bite, with the further possibility of nausea, headache and skin necrosis.

Individual cases of bites leading to kidney failure and a heart attack have also been documented.

Jesse estimated the bug in his bed was up to eight inches long.

After posting the footage online, commentators advised him to ‘burn the entire place down’ or ‘shoot the damn thing.’

Jesse thinks the insect may have been tempted inside by the soaring temperatures outside.

He said: ‘I researched online and they say centipedes escape the heat.

‘It’s been over 100F (37°C) every day for the past week so that makes sense.’

In the end, Jesse spared the centipede and took his bedding outside the house.

There he shook it until the centipede fell and ran away on its many legs.

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